I HATE #FollowFriday ’s – How To Make Them Effective by @PerfectJulia

I should start by explaining what #FollowFriday is. In a nutshell it was not created by Twitter but by it’s users. Every Friday people suggest certain followers in their network to other followers in their network by using the hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday. An introduction so to speak.

Every Friday morning I feel the love pouring through my laptop from Twitter with mentions containing words like, Smart, Savvy, Funny, Fun, Knowledgeable, Awesomesauce, Mentor, Friend, Favorite. All of them have the hashtag #FF attached to them, designating that they are Follow Friday mentions.

Hate Follow FridayHow could someone hate that? Well, there are other people who are Smart, Savvy Funny, Fun etc that are attached to same exact tweet. Yes, a group of fellow Twitter users that are also smart. Imagine that. As many users that will fit in 140 characters that is. I think it is far less effective and beneficial when someone places a bunch of people in the same tweet that are from the same industry or the town. These kinds of Follow Friday posts are the ones that have made many dislike the practice altogether, since they feel there’s little value in recommending a bunch of Real Estate agents, for example all in one tweet. Many just don’t appreciate that, and I certainly understand why.

Most people like me, value their time! Every Friday morning being bombarded with tweets that show no real value can be considered a waste of time to many. You have to respond to everyone and say thank you, not to mention the computer and mobile app notifications ringing all day long.

The question I always ask myself is what am I saying Thank You to exactly? Especially when it’s the same people every single Friday. If you want to add the most value to your #FF posts, get rid of the multiple twitter handles in the tweet and just talk about a specific person. Tell your followers why you think people should follow THAT specific person, brand or account. Take the time to get to know the people you mention and what they’re about. To say that @PerfectJulia is favorite says nothing….. please elaborate as WHY I’m a favorite of yours and give me a real reason to say Thank You!

I can imagine some of you are now deleting me from your follow Friday list, but before doing so please hear me out.

I’m a meat and potatoes kinda girl… Forget the fluff and give me the steak! When attaching the hashtag #FF to a tweet that means you are introducing and more importantly recommending someone to your network. I expect a WHY I should follow that person. Make sense?

Imagine if you’re a small business owner and another small business in the same town with a nice size following gave you an unsolicited promotional shout out with a #FF. You could not hate that could you?? I know I would not hate it at all. In fact you could do it every single Friday as far as I’m concern and mostly likely I would certainly do the same in return.

So when you use Follow Friday mentions, be sure that you are adding value to the person you mention and give people valid reasons they should follow them too. Why? Because then it means something and delivers something.

Eyeballs, trust, recommendations, click through traffic, targeted follower increases, etc.

Now if you need a place to store all these #FF shout outs and easily schedule them out, then Bundle Post has a Follow Friday feature that is perfect for this! It becomes a repository of all your Follow Friday posts, giving you the ability to edit them at any time to shake things up if you like. Once the data entry is done it takes simply a couple of seconds to make edits, hashtag and schedule them out every week. The Follow Friday feature in Bundle Post can also be used for other shout outs like a #MarketingMonday list or say #WW for #WineWednesday, as well. Or create something new. The possibilities are endless!

Give your following a real reason to say “Thanks a million for the #FF mention!” and give your followers the reasons they should follow them too!

20 thoughts on “I HATE #FollowFriday ’s – How To Make Them Effective by @PerfectJulia

  1. I have rarely participated in #FF. Back in the day, I read a great blog post (which is no longer posted!) that gave a reason that made sense not to do it. I often think about someone starting twitter on Friday and seeing all those endless posts full of handles and wondering, “What in the heck is so great about this?” I have done one blog post recommending someone for #FF and I think that’s a really good idea and should be easier than it is but I think not participating is too fully ingrained in me. I do like the posts that say why a person finds me a good follow. Great post! :-)

  2. This post and your suggestions are now changing the way i present my favorite brands and people on Follow Friday, Julia, ever since we had this conversation. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me and the rest of the world with your wisdom and insights into this important ritual, which I have actually been getting the same feeling about, but too busy to deal with it. As soon as I can make time to put more thought into my FF suggestions, I’ll start doing FF again, because i truly DO value everyone I am promoting there, just not in a way that’s beneficial for all.
    Again, many thanks. Sharing!!

      1. Great info, Julia! You know I love to tell the world to follow you, Robert and @Bundlepost. This post really answered some questions for me, and I, too, don’t understand the #FF’s that list me and several other folks at the same time. Seems lazy, actually.

  3. Reblogged this on That Dizzy Chick and commented:
    As I browse through Twitter and send out some shutouts, which might as well be #FF, I stumble upon a tweet that lead me to this blog post about #FF.

    After reading it and reading it again, it makes perfect sense to make #FF tweets more personable!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being mentioned in a #FF, but how cool would it be to have someone use all 140 characters specifically for me???

    I am going to do this from here on out. Perhaps I will make someone’s day.

    Much Love,


  4. Filet mignon with s’hrooms and a nice glass of cabernet for me please, and if you catch me violating this principle, you have my permission to berate me publicly. #Truthbomb : ) Thanks for everything Julia!

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