When Local Social Media Is Done Right, It Gets Noticed And Is Effective – Example

One of the newer members of my Social Media Agency Training and Collaboration group recently signed a new client in the automotive industry, using everything they had learned in our trainings. As they went through the client intake, strategy development processes and then on to the daily management of the client social media marketing efforts, they ensured that they were not skipping any steps in understanding the client’s business and more importantly their target audience. This is something that many social media marketers skip and therefore become added noise online that doesn’t attract the intended prospects for the brand they manage. Not Jamie Tieche

Using the analysis process I teach to formulate content curation and creation strategies, Jamie’s company has been able to quickly gain traction for his new client in social media. Though the clients social media account management is less than four months old, some are noticing the strategy that Jamie implemented on behalf of his client and even blogged about it.

Per The IT Nerd’s Blog Post: “A couple of weeks ago, I got Giles Chevrolet of Stouffville, Ontario as a new follower on my Twitter feed. I decided to follow their Twitter feed back and I expected to see a car dealer trying to sell cars via their Twitter feed or a lack of a coherent focus on posting to Twitter.

The IT Nerd goes on to comment “Posts like the above outnumber any attempt to sell cars or promote their service department. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and as a result it intrigued me. I reached out to them and got in touch with Jamie Tieche of Socialyze Inbound Marketing Solutions who works with Giles Chevrolet to find out why they decided to take this approach.

Read the entire article and interview Jamie did with The IT Nerd about their strategy here.

people in social mediaThe fundamental thing that many within social media marketing simply don’t understand is that it is NOT about YOU! The reason that a near brand new social media presence is already getting results, building relationships and making influencer connections is because this small social media agency understands this fact and has deployed it consistently.

Take Aways To Emulate:

1) They took the time to investigate their client’s business, their clients competitors and their target audience to identify the key topics of interests that drives the clients target audience online. Guess what? It isn’t buying a car.

2) The curation strategy focuses on recent, relevant and valuable content that the clients target audience IS interested in and content and topics that they actually engage with when they are on social media.

3) They are extremely consistent with the content they post, all day, every day.

4) They include 15-25% of their posts that are about the automotive industry, the Chevy brand and their own marketing posts.

When you know what drives your target social media audience and deploy a consistent strategy of content curation around the topics they find valuable, you quickly spark conversations and engagement that result in relationships. Those relationships enable you to remain top of mind with your community when they move through the purchasing cycle for your products and services. When your community is ready to buy, they often first think about who they know in that space. If you do social media marketing properly, they will think of you.



7 thoughts on “When Local Social Media Is Done Right, It Gets Noticed And Is Effective – Example

    1. Why thank you Timothy. Even small local brands can make an impact using social media. I love seeing social media done well and results happening. Nothing better!

  1. Thanks for a great and realistic article. Your comment about “it’s not about YOU” really covers a lot, that (small & big) companies are struggling with in every angle how to deal with Social and the new way of thinking (not even talking about the new processes that need to come with) – these blogs help creating some awareness and that change is possible. The evolution of the technical “revolution” continues, now we all know that the Human species have trouble adapting to past technical evolutions like the first trains and first TV’s, but minds like you help to proceed that process a bit. It’s a different mindset and the guts to change the way how to make profit (they can’t just “use” social media but don’t change the business processes and (profit)mindset) – I will use your blog as well to share the knowledge to create some awareness. Thanks again. Take care, Robin (The Netherlands – @WeChangeHR)

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