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How To Determine Topics For Your Social Media Content Strategy

Content is not the king of social media marketing, but it certainly is the starting point that drives conversations, action and results. Having and executing an effective social media content strategy is the difference between your brand being in social media and getting results in social media.

Social Media Content StrategyI have discovered that there are typically three to five main topics of interest that social network users are most attracted to. Those topics are typically different for everyone, so knowing what they are for your specific market is tremendously important.

I have also found that there are three basic steps that can help you determine the topics your social audience is most interested in.  Follow these steps and combine it with an appropriate volume of posted, curated, shared and your created content to get the best results.

Three steps to determine topics for your social media content strategy:

1) Know Your Audience – Knowing your audience is the most important step in the content strategy process. You need to clearly define who you are trying to reach, very specifically. Define them demographically (statistical characteristics), geographically (location or locations) and psychograhically (personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles).

*Don’t forget things like gender, age, income levels, etc.

2) Research – Once you have defined your clear target audience and know a few specifics about who they are, do your research. Here are some things to consider:

  • Current Customers – Ask your current customers this question… When you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., what content topics interest you the most?
  • Competition – Investigate your competitors pages and social accounts. What topics that they post about get the most comments, likes, shares and conversations. Be sure the followers of those accounts are your target prospects also, or the information you obtain will lead you on a wild goose chase with your own strategy. Many brands social media marketing and content strategies are often focused on their peers, not their prospects. Don’t make the same mistake!
  • Search Engines – Use your favorite search engine to find statistics and information about your target audience. The internet has a ton of information, government and private studies, as well as news reports that will easily point you to topics your audience favors.

3) Test/Measure – After you have narrowed potential topics down to 5-10, start sharing news, blog posts and other content surrounding these topics to your streams. Aggregate content around then topics and post them in your newsfeeds consistently everyday. Measure the engagement, clicks, likes and comment rates around the topics. This will narrow you down to the top three to five that your audience most responds to.

Once you have determined your target markets three to five driving topics, you will want to slowly and steadily increase the volume of posts you are doing across the social networks you are focusing on. If you have properly identified the right topics of content to share, this will rapidly increase the amount of conversations, clicks and relationships you have in your community and more importantly get you on a path to improved results.


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Manipulating The Facebook Newsfeed With Content

As many of you know, Bundle Post also launched a funny social pic blog called social graphics. We produce a ton of images for it and it has received incredible response and results in short order. You should check it out too.

Part of the strategy for the blog was not just creating and posting the images, but also being able to share links to the pics and uploads of them to various social networks. Since we knew funny, social media related images are like candy to babies with our target audience, sharing them on Facebook was an focused part of the strategy. The response, sharing and engagement has been incredible, directly attributed to multiple new users of our software due to the conversations and relationships that have resulted.

Over time, I noticed something I did not expect. As I uploaded the pics to Facebook, I started to watch the relationship between when they were posted, the activity around it, shares, likes and comments. I also paid attention to what happened when activity all but ceased and how it was connected with the Newsfeed algorithm.

What I discovered was that you could manipulate getting your images and posts back into the Newsfeed on Facebook without reposting it. Simply liking it, or commenting on it hours after the last engagement on the image would release it again into the Newsfeed to some or all of your friends. This would inevitably start another round of activity, likes and conversations, resulting in a longer life for your content.

This experiement was only conducted on my personal Facebook profile and not our Bundle Post fanpage. However, since we use my personal profile and business page for building relationships with our community and most of our engagement is driving from my personal accounts, it clearly worked effectively.

Give it a try and let me know what results you get with your content marketing on Facebook.


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