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The Truth About All The Facebook Changes – 2 Points and 1 Laugh

Here’s the deal folks. Things change and you gotta just roll it. I know sometimes it’s hard dealing with seemingly crazy decisions, but all in all it will be ok.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way, let me address two things. Everyone is asking me my thoughts on what Facebook did yesterday to Newsfeeds and the new Profile/Open Graph/Timeline.  Here are two points with my thoughts:

1) New Profiles and Open Graph – In my opinion these changes to the Facebook product are exceptional. They are great for the average user because they have a lot more control over their profile and how they want to be seen by friends. Controlling your profile layout, how predominant some of your content is to visitors and ease of app integration are incredible things.

For the social media industry user, marketer, agency and enthusiast, you were just handed some powerful capabilities to improve messaging through your personal profile. Furthermore, the additional need for your services to clients just went way up! I say bravo!!!

2) Newsfeed change and other constant changes – This is where I get serious, then lower the photo humor boom. I think it is time that Facebook bring in a seasoned CEO to take over the company. Coding changes and “improvements” because you can, is NOT wise or a value add to anyone. Making it difficult for users to easily follow friends content and removing their control to choose how they want content fed to their newsfeed is nothing short of stupidity.

Alienating,  pissing off and otherwise frustrating your user base (by the way these are the folks that allow you to make revenue) is crazy. The average Facebook user is not made up of geeks like me. It is now predominately the average internet user. My folks, non-techies, my kids, etc.  You lose them and you make the big Google Plus mistake suddenly viable. #FAIL

Facebook – Quit pissing off your users with changes for change sake. Get some wisdom and experience on your leadership team that recognizes the value your user base is and how their input would go a long way to building trust and loyalty. YOU are your biggest enemy at this point and not competitors.

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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