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More BundlePost Upgrades And Added Features Go Live

BundlePost releases new upgradeYou know that huge wish list you have in a spreadsheet somewhere on your computer? The things you would really like to get done that improves your product or service, but might not be the highest priority. Things that make it look better, work better or even just flow better. That list you keep adding to, but never seem to have the time to tackle? Ya that…

BundlePost quietly launched a substantial package of upgraded interface, features and enhancements late last week that had been on our wish list for some time. While a few other large development projects were moving to their next phase, our team focused on some massive improvements that any savvy application user would expect from a social media tool.

What’s New?

Interface – We have unified all navigational buttons across the platform. We chose a clean format that is something you would expect to see in an app of our caliber. We cleaned up a lot of nagging inconsistencies throughout the system with button wording, positioning and sizes. Clean, simple, unified. We think you’ll like it a lot!

Content Search – Yep, we added search across the entire system. Every folder list, content list and table now has a search function right above the table. The search feature will search every post, folder, or list on your screen in realtime and display the matching results as you type.Bundle Post Interface Upgrade

We can’t count how many times we’ve had a My Content marketing post saved, but could not remember the actual text of the post or when we had added it to our marketing message repository in the system. Scrolling through hundreds of posts is no longer a problem.

Column Sorting – We have added column sorting throughout the system. You can click on the column header of any section in BundlePost and sort all information by that column A-Z. The headers toggle Z-A as you click again. Can you say handy?

Upgraded Export Table – Not only have we unified the interface across the board on the main export table, but we have also enhanced the post buttons and more. Here are the main things you will notice;

1) Main Buttons – unified with new button interface design

2) Active schedule displayed – which schedule are you managing content for right now

3) New post action buttons – very clean look and layout.

4) Feed Source Icons – click the feeds drop down to select a feed channel of content and make visual choices faster based on the feed source/type icons appearing next to each feed.

Feed Channels – We also gave the feed channels page itself a needed upgrad, making it more user-friendly and easier on the eyes. All of the other system-wide enhancements can be found within your feed channels page.

With a consistent focus on improving social media management, content curation, scheduling and hashtagging, you will find that these new BundlePost enhancements represent our continual focus on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and results of our users social media marketing. This upgrade lays the foundation for our next system developments you will see in the next few weeks, along with other major innovations to follow.

Stop managing content and start getting real results with your social media marketing!



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We Want To Share Your Blog Content, RSS and Expand Your Reach

Today Bundle Post begins an expansion from our unique social media content management, curation and scheduling roots, to the addition of content marketing, traffic building and extending reach for blogs and content creators. Today we are announcing the Bundle Post RSS Project that has already begun databasing, categorizing and indexing RSS feeds across the web.

Where’s yours?

Bundle Post RSS IndexFrom the beginning, the aim of Bundle Post was to make social media marketing and curation far more efficient and effective for brands, agencies and marketers. As we have continued to grow and expand our capabilities in this area, we have always realized that tackling the blog, traffic and content marketing issues were also connected digital marketing pains that bloggers, brands and marketers experience.

Starting over two years ago, we evaluated social media and content marketing challenges together and very clear and connected obstacles stood out like a sore thumb. The question of “How do I get more blog traffic?” -or- “How do I increase traffic to my content?” always comes up.

The Problems:

1) Traffic – Many struggle to get their blog and content found on search engines, that as you know prefer to display most popular content, instead of the most recent and relevant content on a topic, YOURS. Therefore you are left to hire or become expert in SEO and/or buy Search and Social Media Ads to generate traffic. Brands and content creators need a better way to have their content discovered and increase traffic to that content in new, creative and measurable ways.

2) “Tribes” – So you thought tribes might be the answer, only to realize that the mythical 6 million, trillion reach you now have with all those “celebrities” in your tribe isn’t actually resulting in anymore traffic or reach for your blog. You faithfully share the other people’s content (which may or may not be valuable to your audience or inline with your social media content strategy) only to realize that your “tribe-mates” are rarely logging in, let alone sharing your posts. You invest further time, effort and investigation reveals that the ones who actually are sharing your content aren’t really influential at all. In fact, most of their huge followings could care less about anything they share on social media and you’re left worse off then you started.

3) Monitoring – Adding to the obstacles facing bloggers and content marketers being able to effectively monitor the open web where you or your brand is being mentioned. We’ve all tried Google Alerts for this and have become painfully aware that you find more mentions from people within social media who tell you about your brand mention on a blog post, then you ever discover through Alerts. Brands and marketers need a way discover, monitor and engage with content mentions across the web that occur outside of the social graph.

We could go on and on, right?

Innovative Vision:

Bundle Post is beginning phase one of our RSS and content index project that enables site owners to add their RSS feed into our index. During this phase we will collect and database over 250,000 RSS feeds in less than 90 days, then grow that number exponentially on an ongoing basis.

From there feed owners will be allowed to validate/prove ownership of one or more RSS feeds and control the RSS description, category, keywords, tags and more in order to optimize a feed related to its content. As the project continues over the course of 2014, the Bundle Post RSS project will be releasing multiple tools for blog owners and Bundle Post users, as well as new Feed Content Optimization (FCO) and “stream” opportunities that will deliver powerful traffic, analytics and content marketing capabilities never before seen online.

Our goal with the RSS project is to improve content discovery and curation for social media marketers in killer new ways and at the same time provide bloggers and content marketers new innovative solutions for expanding their content reach both in and outside of the social graph. This is far more than a RSS directory, so jump on the train and add your RSS feed into the Bundle Post index and we’ll be in touch soon to help you validate your blog ownership in phases two and three with many more big things to come…


This is what they call BIG DATA…


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Inline Social Media Content Editing, Hashtag Adds – Plus 4 More Upgrades

By now it has probably become apparent that Bundle Post has no interest in sitting on our hands with our product development. Continuing to innovate, improve and fine tune the technology is at the core of who we are as a company, while at the same time creating substantial new features like the new Bundlet Chrome extension and Queues drives where we are going with the product.

Will our commitment to continually advance the efficiencies and effectiveness that Bundle Post delivers to our users slow? Not a chance!

Today we are releasing a large package of tweaks and improvements across the entire platform. Though there are no substantial new features, you will notice copious enhancements that either make your life easier or at least smooth out several things we were not happy with in the system.

Following are some of the more prominent upgrades that will improve your social media content management workflow:

1) In-line Editing Everywhere – Now, anywhere there is content text or URLs within the system can be edited by double clicking. That includes export table pop windows and feed channels. (More on significant changes to the Feed Channels page below)

2) Hashtag Add/Edit – One thing we found when managing an export is that often times that is when you discover a keyword or phrase that is not included in a specific hashtag folder you are using. There wasn’t an easy way for users to add one on the fly while on the Export Table, so we added it. Now, when you call a Hashtag folder from the Export Table, you can and edit hashtags right in the pop-up window before telling it to run against the posts you have waiting on-screen. Handy to say the least!

Automated Hashtags

3) Cleaner Tables – Throughout the system we have improved the layout of tables. We have added more graphic buttons and made them cleaner. We unified the new look and formatting across the entire system and made the edit/add functions of many sections open a pop window instead of taking you to an entirely different page. We think you will find it much improved and definitely more efficient.

4) Schedules Redesign – The Schedules section has been completely redesigned. It has the new cleaner, graphical look on the main page, and now opens the view posting time function in a pop window. The new pop window for schedules lets you add both single and multiple time slots to a schedule right on-screen.

Social Media Schedule

5) Content Markers – We thought that the color coding of different content sources was very helpful, but it didn’t tell you what each content type was once it was on the Export Table. We have added text markers next to each post so you will always know what type of content is on-screen.

Export Table Content Markers

6) Feed Channel Page – The Feed Channel page has been substantially upgraded with a new table layout and graphic functions, as well as additional editing functions for URLs. The left side of the table contains feed type icon and a new page icon that lets you open the actually RSS to view it right inside Bundle Post. We took the “everything editable” approach to the Feed Channels page by even giving you access to see and edit the RSS URL for your feeds also. The intent here is to allow you to easily check and correct feeds you have in the system should you accidentally add one wrong or have the wrong URL, without having to delete everything and start over.

RSS Feed Channel

There are a ton of other little things that were modified, improved or upgraded, but we wanted to focus on the items that will really impact the user experience and effectiveness of your social media content management in this post. We hope you like the improvements and look forward to your feedback. As always, there is more to come.

If you still haven’t used Bundle Post, click here to get a free trial!

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Expanding Your WordPress Blog RSS Reach By Adjusting Rate Limits

Last week I was reviewing our evergreen content in Bundle Post and realizing that a small percentage of our legacy blog content was showing up in our RSS Feed Channel. We have some 200+ blog posts that we often reshare through our social channels using Bundle Post, but WordPress limits the number of items it includes in RSS feed updates. This is called “rate limiting”.

What is RSS Rate Limiting?

Rate limiting restricts the amount of content updated or pulled during the RSS update process. Most RSS feeds rate limit to the most recent 10-20 posts. This means that every time the RSS is updated, it will only deliver that number of the most recent posts through that RSS feed. Are you following me?

Expanding RSS ReachAfter some investigation, I discovered that WordPress has a setting that controls rate limiting quantities for your blog. The important thing to note is that you can adjust this number and here’s how.

1) Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2) Click on the Settings tab

3) Select the Reading option under the Settings tab.

4) Scroll down to the “Syndication feeds show the most recent” option and change it.

My testing showed that the maximum WordPress allows is 50, so select a number between 10 and 50 and then save.

Why do you want to adjust your RSS rate limit?

There are several reasons why you may want to adjust your RSS feed rate limit in WordPress, but here are the main two motivations we had for doing this.

1) Maximize Content Stream to Subscribers: We wanted to make sure we could provide the most number of blog posts to subscribers of our RSS feed. Regardless of what reader the subscriber is using to view our content, they will always have our 50 most recent posts available to them. I think the advantages to that are pretty obvious. No?

2) Load Maximum Posts for Re-Marketing: We wanted to ensure we had a large number of our blog posts automatically ingested into our Bundle Post feed channel. This makes sharing our blog content repeatedly within our social media marketing much easier by automatically updating our databased content inside Bundle Post. Once the most recent 50 are ingested, all new content will be added to the database, which can be easily merged with schedules for social sharing. A no brainer.

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Managing YouTube Video Content For Social Media Marketing

There are many types of evergreen or legacy content that can and should be shared over and over in your social media marketing efforts. Video content that provides value to your audience is one of the most effective content types you can share in social media, so why don’t we do a better job at managing and sharing this content?

YouTube TipManaging evergreen video content and tracking what you have available is just one of the many challenges to being efficient and effective in this area. Here is a list of some of the challenges we face with evergreen YouTube video content that may be barriers to sharing it as we should:

1) We are too busy to share it.

2) We are so busy, we forget to share it.

3) We don’t have a list of what videos we have available to share again.

4) We don’t have an easy way to manage, schedule and distribute them.

Bundle Post helps manage and distribute your legacy social media content easily by allowing you to create a Feed Channel that automatically ingests and saves your YouTube content where you can schedule, hashtag and share to any social network. Follow these simple steps inside of Bundle Post to create your YouTube Channel feed:

YouTube RSS Feed1) Login to Bundle Post and click on “Feeds” from the navigation bar.

2) On the Feed Channels page, click the option for “Add Feed Channel”

3) Name the Feed Channel whatever you would like.

4) Add the following URL into a new Feed Channel that you’re creating inside of Bundle Post and replace “YourChannelName” with the name of your YouTube Channel.  http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/YourChannelName/uploads

Here’s our YouTube Channel Bundle Post Feed URL as an example: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/BundlePost/uploads

5) If this is your YouTube Channel, a clients’ YouTube that you manage, click the “Check this box if this is your blog. We will not delete this content” check box so no matter how often you export and schedule content from this Feed Channel, the system will not remove the content from the Feed Channel.

6) Click the “Submit” button to save it.

Take YouTube Feed Channels to the Next Level with Bundle Post:

One of our Pro users, @missuslang decided to take Bundle Post Feed Channels to another level with content for a clients’ campaign. She created a YouTube video Feed Channel in Bundle Post that was made up of a search term in order to have the latest video content to curate for a clients’ social media management project. Here’s how you can do it too:

1) Copy this URL: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?q=<Content>&orderby=relevance

2) Replace the “<Content>” portion with your YouTube search term.

3) Add the URL into a new Bundle Post Feed Channel.

Example:  http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?q=”Content+Marketing”&orderby=relevance

Once you have created your YouTube RSS Feed Channel in Bundle Post, the system will automatically check and ingest any new videos you upload four times per day. The video posts that are ingested into the Feed Channel can be edited, scheduled, hashtagged and exported from the system and posted to any social network you’d like in just seconds.

For tips on creating Pinterest Feed Channels in Bundle Post, Click Here.

For Hashtag tips, Click Here.

How are you using evergreen and YouTube video content Feed Channels in Bundle Post?


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Google Alert Feeds Unexpectedly Killed Along With Google Reader

Google Alert Feed ReplacementSo we have all known for some time that the Google Reader was going away. Sometime back Google announced that they were going to be shutting down their RSS reader altogether, however they never mentioned any changes that would directly affect Google Alerts. Nothing was ever so much as alluded to that Alert Feeds (which could be used in numerous other readers and applications) was going to be changed when reader was discontinues. Guess what? It was…

Here’s what you need to know about Google Alert Feeds:

1) Google is no longer allowing you to make any new Google Alerts with a deliver to option of Feed.

2) As of Monday July 1st, Google will change your existing Alerts saved with the deliver to option of “Feed”, to deliver to your email instead.

Google Alert Feeds Gone

3) Existing Google Alerts you have used to create Feed Channels inside Bundle Post will stop functioning on Monday July 1, 2013.

Shocked? We were too, but we want you to know that our development team has established a process for a suitable replacement for Google Alerts within Bundle Post. In an effort to ensure that Bundle Post users are able to have content discover and ingestion within an alert type, topical and keyword RSS format, the Bundle Post team has two solutions to announce. We will give all the details on how to create new Alert Feeds using a new source, as well as a hint at what we have been working on and will be releasing soon.

Google Alert Replacement for Feed Channels in Bundle Post:

Here is a brief instructional video on creating an alert via Bing. Be sure to continue reading after watching the video to get additional important details on what you need to do within Bundle Post. There are some pretty cool advantages to these new Bing alerts that we think you will like.

Important details about your existing Google Alert Feed Channels currently in Bundle Post:

1) They will stop ingesting new content at midnight on Monday July 1, 2013.

2) You will need to create new Alert Feeds to replace your existing Google Alert Feed Channels and then delete the old Google Alert Feed Channels within Bundle Post.

3) Non-Google Alert, RSS Feed Channels in Bundle Post are NOT affected by these changes. If you have Feed Channels in Bundle Post that you created from RSS feeds from specific websites, blogs or other sources that are not Google Alert, nothing will change on those Feed Channels.

4) If you have ANY difficulties working with the new alert function that replaces Google Alerts within Bundle Post, we urge you to click and contact support from your dashboard or at the bottom of any Bundle Post system pages. We are here to help.

Bundle Feeds coming soon:

We have already been working on some very cool technology to replace the need for Alerts. We will not be discussing the details, but let’s just say you will soon be able to create topical, keyword(s), phrase, web content Feed Channels right inside of Bundle Post, without needing alerts of any kind. Just a hint, but we can assure you there’s much more. We are expecting to release Bundle Feeds within the next four weeks, so stay tuned!


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