The Top 5 #Hashtag Mistakes Marketers Make On Social Media

Hashtags have become synonymous with social media marketing and it's no wonder why. A totally unique component of social media, hashtags have the ability to grow your following, expand the reach of your content and highlight important words within your status updates. One less obvious thing that your hashtags tell your audience is whether you actually know … Continue reading The Top 5 #Hashtag Mistakes Marketers Make On Social Media


#Hashtag For #Facebook [And More] Automatically

With Facebook joining the ranks of Twitter, Google Plus and others with hashtag functionality, being strategic and consistent with hashtags across the social graph has become more important than ever. Add the Facebook graph search into the mix and hashtagging on Facebook will become an extremely important venue for the function. There is another unique … Continue reading #Hashtag For #Facebook [And More] Automatically