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Questioning The Status Quo Of Content Marketing, Traffic, Social Reach and SEO

When it comes to blogs, content creation and digital marketing, most content marketers are trying to achieve one main thing – TRAFFIC. You develop quality content for your audience in the hopes that you can generate new traffic and then repeat traffic that returns often. Mostly this is done through SEO, social reach and email subscriptions that connect your created content with those that find it interesting, relevant and valuable.

For the professional blogger, big brands or content sites, all of this comes together through high volumes of frequent new content, multiple authors and massive traffic. With very little budget, the average business, marketer or brand is often competing in all Status Quo of SEO and Content Marketingareas of online marketing, including social media, SEO and email subscribers in an uphill battle for eyeballs. The resulting content marketing, social media and search quandary becomes a high school-like popularity contest with few winners.

Popular content becomes the driver without regard for quality and social media becomes flooded with people sharing the same piece of marginal content. The social graph is flooded every day with shares of blogs, articles and news from the same sites and writers, which often contain tired, reused story ideas. Does this sound familiar?

Here are some questions we are asking ourselves:

  • For Social Marketers:

1) Is there a difference between recent/popular and recent/relevant content?

2) If curating recent/popular content drives more clicks and shares, does it also result in the desired engagement and relationships with your target audience?

3) Does curating the same popular content sources/authors day after day achieve real net results?

  • For Content Creators:

1) Is most popular search results benefiting the content creator as much as driving Pay Per Click competition for an advertising platform?

2) Does “tribal” sharing really achieve measurable results, clicks, views and expanded social reach of/by your intended audience?

3) Does the status quo effectively get your content in front of both your target audience and those that need it for curation?

Should the Status Quo Somehow Evolve?

As we continually ponder these questions at Bundle Post, we are also considering answers that have the opportunity to level the playing field between big brands, content sites and the average blogger, writer and brand.

  • Are there more questions we should be asking?
  1. What would it look like if content marketing, blog traffic and SEO were turned on its head to better benefit content creators, curators and the content consumer?
  2. What if there was an easier way for content creators to get their content in the hands of those that need to curate it, thereby expanding their social reach with their actual target audience?
  3. What if all the great content that is often undiscovered could better compete with the recent/popular content sites?
  4. How would content marketing, SEO and traffic evolve effectively if most recent/relevant quality content, not popularity became the bar?
  5. How can something like the Bundle Post RSS Project be used to positively impact brands, curators, consumers and social media marketers?

We are purposefully not answering some of the questions because we want to know what you think. We’d love your input and ideas.




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Not Scheduling Social Media Posts Doesn’t Make You Authentic, It Makes You

I have often explained that social media is like a freeway. Each car flying by is content you and others are posting in their feeds. You have to have enough relevant, valuable cars (content) on the road every day outside of RT’s and shares, so that whenever your audience steps up to the side of the freeway, one of YOUR cars fly by that is inline with your proper content strategy.

I recently asked this question to my community; How many times per day do you post in social media and how many are scheduled and how many are live?

Of those using social media for marketing, I was amazed at how many proudly stated something like “I only post manually!” Over half of the people who responded to my question were basically saying that when and how many posts they infuse in their streams is directly related to whether their butt is able to be in their seat. They had no real consideration of their followers and when they were available and engaged.

Here are a few of my quotes I challenge you to ponder for a moment…

“Manually posting every single post you share on social media doesn’t make you authentic, what you do AFTER you post is what is important.”

“Digging by hand when shovels are available doesn’t make you authentic, it makes you ignorant. Social Media requires the proper tools.”

“Content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships, relationships result in ROI.”

Now let’s remove my Italian, often overly intense personality from these and dig into some points you should consider.

1) Scheduling Posts – When you schedule posts, you are not automating your social media responsibilities, you are ensuring that your streams always have relevant, valuable content that your audience will find interesting. You spend more of your social media time engaging and driving ROI, rather than manually posting content when you have time.

2) Enough Cars, All Day – Most people are not logged into social networks all day long, watching every post that comes through their feeds. No matter when they login, there should be something relevant from you that will draw them to engage.

You also need to know when your audience is most active online and be prepared during those times to engage with them. Having your content scheduled across the day gives you the time to focus on this outreach effort.

We use Tweriod to analyze our followers activity and know when they are most active.

3) Use Time Effectively – If you are spending hours per day on your social media marketing, be sure the time you are spending is on things that result in ROI (return on investment). Things like conversations, relationship building and engaging with your prospects. By scheduling content across the day, you now have more time to spend on those things that will make your social media marketing effective.

4) Post Real-time Too! – I am not saying to never post live. In fact that is a requirement. Use your time to post things that are happening right now that you shouldn’t and can’t schedule. Post things in real-time that make you human and approachable. Share the pictures you take in real-time that will spark conversations about your business. Post content you come across in real-time during the day that is relevant to your audience.

Scheduling content is not about either or, it’s about the proper mix of BOTH scheduled and live posts that get results and deliver value all day, every day to your audience.


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