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The One Social Media Rule For Business

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a list of rules to follow that were simple and clear on how and what to do for your social media marketing? Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, there are no rules for social media except one; Do Not Spam…

Social Media RulesThat single rule seems to be one of the best kept secrets from newer social media marketers as well as many that believe they are really good.

What can be considered spam?

Tagging or mentioning people in posts that are pitching or linking to your product, service, website or offer that you have not built a relationship with. On Google Plus it can also be tagging or sharing with circles directly that have not asked to be updated on your every post about yourself.

Though Google Plus and Twitter seem to be the platforms that have the highest concentration of spam tendencies, Facebook and Linkedin see their share of inbox spam messages from brand new connections or “friends” that invite you to their every event in Texas, though you live on the East coast, etc.

How can you market and promote without spamming?

A great way to think about social media marketing is that it’s a parallel universe to the real world. Would you go to a business networking event and pitch everyone you shake hands with before you even build a relationship? Of course not. You would first get to know them, etc. So think about it this way… Whatever you would do in the real world, do in your social media marketing. Whatever you wouldn’t do in the real world. don’t do in social media.

Here is a nonexclusive list that should exist within the context of how you approach social business.

1) Earn the right to discuss what you do one on one with your connections.

2) Earn the right to promote to your connections by providing selfless value in your streams and occasionally posting your marketing information in between then non-promotional content and posts. Be sure that the content you post that is not about you, is something your community is interested in.

3) Respond to and converse with your audience. You would never ignore someone in real life that introduced you to all of their business contacts or told someone about an article you told them about. Don’t ignore when it happens in social media. Thank, respond, share their content and get into conversations.

4) Social media works in real-time, so responding in real-time is crucial.

Now that we have burst your bubble about there being no social media marketing rules but one, please don’t be discouraged. Understand the ONE rule that you must follow and use these three guidelines that will help you build a framework for being effective with your social media marketing efforts without being seen as “spamming”.

Are there many other guidelines that one could follow and execute to be more and more effective with social media marketing? Indeed, there are probably tens of thousands of nuances and tips that one can learn and use. However, if you don’t follow this single rule of social media marketing, no amount of learning, tips and guidelines will ever enable you to achieve results.



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Blogging For Social Media Marketing – My Top 12 Tips

I am frequently asked about blogging and how to use it effectively for marketing within social media. I decided to put together a list of my top ten tips that is specifically designed for the individual marketer or small to medium business.

Blog TipsThis list is not at all for the large brand, affiliate marketer, the social media author or speaker. Those specific groups are typically about numbers, driving less than targeted traffic, ego inflation and/or putting out volume over substance. Exactly what you should NOT be doing if you are serious about being effective with your blog within social media. If you want to measure REAL results that is –  You know things like sales, revenue and new customers. But I digress…

In no particular order, here are my top ten tips for using your blog effectively within your social media marketing strategy. I have broken them up into two sections – Strategy and Execution.

Blog Strategy:

1) Write for your audience – Too often brands and marketers forget who their target audience is. Write for your target audience, not for traffic. Deliver value and relevance in your content, just like a proper content strategy within your social marketing strategy. Write content that solves their biggest problems, answers their questions and/or helps them improve.

2) Stay away from time sensitive writing – New is great and often shiny, but does it attract your target audience? Writing content about something new in your industry or an event that is happening can destroy the long-term validity of the content. It’s ok to include some time/event based posts, but try to write content that has value for your audience, that can be found via search and/or shared via your social media efforts over a long period of time – i.e. relevant, Legacy content.

3) Be concise – Remember that a blog post is NOT a magazine article. People have very short attention spans and keeping your blog posts short, to the point and without all the fluff is important. Give your readers clear points to absorb along with a title that states exactly what they can expect from your piece.

4) Have personality – Be real and approachable with your posts. Don’t be afraid to put your personality into your articles or even be a little controversial at times.

5) Write yourself – For MOST marketers or SMB’s doing your own writing is going to get the best results. Having the benefit of your voice consistently across your content is extremely helpful for your readers.

For some that lack writing skills or the time and resources necessary to blog, outsourcing the function to a professional may be required. Be sure that the professional you select to write for your blog can follow your strategy  and capture your voice (tone and personality) accurately.

Blog Execution:

6) Consistency – Just as with your regular social media marketing content posting, consistency with blog posts matters. You must have a consistent flow of relevant, valuable blog posts on your blog to build and retain an audience. Occasional posts will not be effective, so be consistent every week. I try to write two new blog posts per week.

7) Comments – Also like your social media marketing, responding to comments on your blog is important. Respond always and do it quickly after a comment is posted.

8) Use drafts – Whenever I think of a new blog post idea, I start a new posts in WordPress and save it as a draft. I add notes and bullet points for what I want to do with the post and save it. This way I always have some 30 blog posts started and only need to select one to finish whenever I need to write.

9) Stay ahead – Keep ahead with completed posts in the queue

10 SEO – When writing a blog post, you want to not only follow the strategy items we have listed above, but you also want to consider the long-term search engine optimization of your posts. Including images, tags and keywords in your posts is highly important for being found on search engines.

For the average brand and marketer, there are three main points to consider here:

a) Always include a graphic that depicts the content. This is important when readers share the content on social networks, but also for SEO. Be sure the name the image file with words contained in the title and body of your post and also complete a description that does the same.

b) Always include tags of the keywords and phrases appropriate for the post.

c) Be sure the main keywords of your post are included in the title, the body of the post as well as in tags.

11) Be realistic – Be realistic about what you can really do. Don’t set editorial calendar expectations too high for yourself so that you can’t complete them. Don’t expect that you will get 20,000 hits a day when you are just starting out. Be consistent, even if that is only one or two blog posts per week. Commit to the realistic expectation and stick to it.

12) Be Social – Without integrating your blog into an effective social media marketing strategy, it is highly unlikely you will ever get much traction with your blog. You need to have a targeted social community established that is highly engaged in order to best take advantage of a blog. Here are two things to consider:

a) When you post a new blog, share it multiple times that day in the social graph.

b) Keep a list of your blog posts and share them at lest once a week/month.

A blog is an extension of your brand, your website, your overall web presence and more importantly your social media marketing. Understanding the best way to leverage and integrate it properly across all of them will help you begin see increased results.


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