About Bundle Post

This is the Blog for BundlePost.com and our Founder/CEO Robert M. Caruso.

Robert is a long time technology, sales and marketing executive, a father of 2 and passionate about tech and social media.

Bundle Post is the first automated social content management system for social media folks like us.  The powerful system automates the time consuming process of finding, organizing, managing and scheduling your social media content in a powerful social content management system.  Most importantly it lets you warehouse all of your social content in one place!

What Bundle Post is NOT:  Bundle Post is not a replacement for engagement, single posting or day to day management of social media accounts.  It does not replace services like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  It simply makes all the other required functions of social media more efficient and cost effective.

Check it out!  http://www.bundlepost.com


10 responses to “About Bundle Post

  1. Are u hiring I have been thinking about developing this kind of platform

  2. publicityworks

    excellent content

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  6. I see we are both in Portland and would like connect on LinkedIn. We don’t share any groups and I don’t use the “Friend” tag to make connections. I will accept an invite from you via that method if you choose to connect.


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