How to use #instagram #videos with @BundlePost #Content Folders

You may have heard by now that Facebook and Instagram have announced the new video function within the video application.

The Instagram video differs from the Twitter owned Vine video App in a few distinct ways: (here are the steps in an actual Instagram video)

1) It lets you use photos and now video in an integrated application.

2) Instagram Videos can be 15 seconds in length compared to the Vine 6 seconds, making it more usable for marketing.

3) It seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing sharing and playing directly in their network.

Marketers and Bundle Post users can use Instagram videos with the Bundle Post system very easily following these simple steps:

1) Open your Instagram page in a browser –

2) Open the video or image that you wish to use in a new tab or window

3) Copy the URL for that window from the address line in your browser

4) In the My Content section of Bundle Post, open the folder you want to create a new post in and click “Add Social Content”

5) Write the text for the social media post you want to save and paste the URL you copied for the Instagram video and submit.

Now you can use your Instagram video and photo’s when scheduling and exporting social media marketing content over and over within the Bundle Post system.



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