Google Alert Feeds Unexpectedly Killed Along With Google Reader

Google Alert Feed ReplacementSo we have all known for some time that the Google Reader was going away. Sometime back Google announced that they were going to be shutting down their RSS reader altogether, however they never mentioned any changes that would directly affect Google Alerts. Nothing was ever so much as alluded to that Alert Feeds (which could be used in numerous other readers and applications) was going to be changed when reader was discontinues. Guess what? It was…

Here’s what you need to know about Google Alert Feeds:

1) Google is no longer allowing you to make any new Google Alerts with a deliver to option of Feed.

2) As of Monday July 1st, Google will change your existing Alerts saved with the deliver to option of “Feed”, to deliver to your email instead.

Google Alert Feeds Gone

3) Existing Google Alerts you have used to create Feed Channels inside Bundle Post will stop functioning on Monday July 1, 2013.

Shocked? We were too, but we want you to know that our development team has established a process for a suitable replacement for Google Alerts within Bundle Post. In an effort to ensure that Bundle Post users are able to have content discover and ingestion within an alert type, topical and keyword RSS format, the Bundle Post team has two solutions to announce. We will give all the details on how to create new Alert Feeds using a new source, as well as a hint at what we have been working on and will be releasing soon.

Google Alert Replacement for Feed Channels in Bundle Post:

Here is a brief instructional video on creating an alert via Bing. Be sure to continue reading after watching the video to get additional important details on what you need to do within Bundle Post. There are some pretty cool advantages to these new Bing alerts that we think you will like.

Important details about your existing Google Alert Feed Channels currently in Bundle Post:

1) They will stop ingesting new content at midnight on Monday July 1, 2013.

2) You will need to create new Alert Feeds to replace your existing Google Alert Feed Channels and then delete the old Google Alert Feed Channels within Bundle Post.

3) Non-Google Alert, RSS Feed Channels in Bundle Post are NOT affected by these changes. If you have Feed Channels in Bundle Post that you created from RSS feeds from specific websites, blogs or other sources that are not Google Alert, nothing will change on those Feed Channels.

4) If you have ANY difficulties working with the new alert function that replaces Google Alerts within Bundle Post, we urge you to click and contact support from your dashboard or at the bottom of any Bundle Post system pages. We are here to help.

Bundle Feeds coming soon:

We have already been working on some very cool technology to replace the need for Alerts. We will not be discussing the details, but let’s just say you will soon be able to create topical, keyword(s), phrase, web content Feed Channels right inside of Bundle Post, without needing alerts of any kind. Just a hint, but we can assure you there’s much more. We are expecting to release Bundle Feeds within the next four weeks, so stay tuned!


19 thoughts on “Google Alert Feeds Unexpectedly Killed Along With Google Reader

  1. Can’t wait to see Bundle Post’s replacement and luckily I haven’t put my alerts in BP yet. Thanks for telling us about alerts, though, as I do have some hooked directly into Hootsuite right now *whines*

  2. Thank you SO much for this awesome and very clear tutorial, Robert. You rock! I have 1 ignorant question: why should we use “most recent” rather than “best match”? Are there any instances where we would use “best match” instead?

    1. In fact after even further testing, best match is probably the best way to go, UNLESS you’re not getting enough recent content in your feeds…

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