Another Helpful Hootsuite Feature You May Have Missed

Twitter is a really unique social network. It’s functions, pace and volumes are well beyond most other platforms. A high percentage of the people that are on Twitter also tend to be using several other social networks as well. This is important for a very specific reason. Deeper connections…

Have you ever been managing a social media account and got into discussions or built relationships with prospects and wished you could easily find and connect with them on other platforms? You know, expanding the relationship outside of Twitter to get to know them better? Happens a lot right?

Hootsuite has something called insight. The function of this feature is to provide additional information and connection points for a specific Twitter account. Though not always 100% accurate, it does provide publicly searchable information that’s found on various search engines about a specific users additional connection points in the social graph and beyond.

To use the feature in Hootsuite, follow these simple steps:

1) Open to view the persons Twitter bio, by clicking on their image or Twitter name from inside Hootsuite.

2) Click the last tab on the right called “Insight”.

3) View the known information provided for the contact and click the links you desire to open in a new tab.

A little caution here though… Just like with anything in social media marketing, it is not about just obtaining a bunch of followers or friends, it is about developing relationships. I do not suggest that you arbitrarily start pulling up Insights and friending everyone on Facebook. Take the time to establish a relationship that makes sense to take further on other platforms. Also, when considering friend requesting, look at a persons timeline/feed and review their content to learn more about them first in order to decide if a request on that particular platform is appropriate.

Strategy with respect to Insight is going to be important. Be sure you have one!


15 thoughts on “Another Helpful Hootsuite Feature You May Have Missed

  1. Cool man. Didn’t know about this ! Tried it out and, unfortunately, I need to go back to a paid subscription to use it. So, just a heads up for those interested in using this feature

  2. Thanks for sharing this Robert. You make a great point that is it all about cultivating meaningful relationships. A lot of brands on social media still can’t wrap their heads around that.

    Let us know if we can help with anything!

  3. Great post, Robert. I have been using Hootsuite Pro for about two years now and I did notice this feature in the beginning. But for some reason, perhaps being too busy or investigating other social networks, I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder! Indeed, it’s a great way to connect with those with whom we share more often, and on different platforms too.
    Cheers from Quebec City,

  4. TIP: For Insights to find information, a HootSuite user needs to go in to their profile and add their other connection points on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter. Thanks for your post Robert. I’ve now updated my HootSuite so that my connections can better connect.

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