Hootsuite Adds Intelligence To Content Scheduling

As most social media marketing professionals know, sharing, managing scheduling relevant, valuable content for their target market is a priority. In fact, to be effective and profitable it is a requirement. But you know this, right?

Of course, I manage 95% of my daily content for Twitter, Facebook profile, Fanpage and Linkedin, etc using Bundle Post because it is the most efficient way of managing shared and our own content for the social graph. However, I do also come across content, pics or news that I want to share right then. This is where the free Hootlet browser app has been extremely efficient.

Today, Hootsuite announced new functionality that has been added to the app that brings intelligence to the feature as well. The “auto-scheduling” feature of Hootlet now will automatically determine when to schedule a post that you are going to share using the app. What this new function does is pretty cool. While on the page that you wish to share, you click the Hootlet app on your browser bar and select the accounts you wish to schedule it to be sent to. When you click the calendar button, you can turn on the auto-schedule feature that will determine the best time to send it to each of the accounts selected in a single click.

While testing, I determined that if you select to share to multiple social accounts, it individually auto-schedules each separately at the best times for each, rather than scheduling it to post to all accounts at the same time. Though Hootsuite does not give details on the intelligence algorithm used in picking times to post, my testing shows that it is looking at your already scheduled content for each social media account you select and schedules in between the already scheduled content to ensure the posts are spread out.

This new tool is a huge time saver for me and my real-time sharing since I already have 4 days of content scheduled in 20 minutes using Bundle Post and since it has 23 claims in its patent, nobody else can do what it does. The Hootlet app adds additional efficiency to my daily activities that ensures I always have the most relevant, interesting content for my target audience, while the maximum amount of time every day to engage, build relationships and drive ROI.

I highly recommend taking a look at the free Hootlet sharing app. Used together with Hootsuite’s top social media management tool and the Bundle Post content management system, it’s a power packed combination.

Here’s a quick video Hootsuite released with the announcement.



17 thoughts on “Hootsuite Adds Intelligence To Content Scheduling

  1. Hi Robert; another really helpful article. Thanks! Question: Do you know HootSuites it takes triberr scheduled tweets into its coordinating of its tweeting? (um, I hope that makes sense)

    1. TY Sarah! If you are asking if Hootsuite works with tweets sent out of Triberr, the answer is no. Triberr sends all content out of triberr themselves and does not allow it’s members to schedule when they go out. They simply queue them every 20 minutes or so once you approve them.

      1. Although I will add that Triberr is planning on giving members the ability to schedule which tweets go out when. It’s on our road map for later this year.

    1. hahaha no doubt. I would never use it for all content scheduling, would still take forever. That’s what Bundle Post is for. But saving time on real-time content I come across, YES! Love it.

      BOOM! :-)

  2. I use hootsuite. I am glad to see they seem to be committed to continually improving their service. Auto scheduling and now adding Google + are two huge upgrades. I see value in BundlePost. Perhaps the most frustrating part of Hootsuite is their bulk scheduling. The excel sheet is tough to format correctly, and one mistake and it won’t load. It caused me to create my own program to schedule in bulk.

    1. I hear ya. Our users spend 20 minutes every four to five days managing scheduled content, that’s it. Bundle Post makes it all effective and efficient, so you can focus on results…

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