Managing YouTube Video Content For Social Media Marketing

There are many types of evergreen or legacy content that can and should be shared over and over in your social media marketing efforts. Video content that provides value to your audience is one of the most effective content types you can share in social media, so why don’t we do a better job at managing and sharing this content?

YouTube TipManaging evergreen video content and tracking what you have available is just one of the many challenges to being efficient and effective in this area. Here is a list of some of the challenges we face with evergreen YouTube video content that may be barriers to sharing it as we should:

1) We are too busy to share it.

2) We are so busy, we forget to share it.

3) We don’t have a list of what videos we have available to share again.

4) We don’t have an easy way to manage, schedule and distribute them.

Bundle Post helps manage and distribute your legacy social media content easily by allowing you to create a Feed Channel that automatically ingests and saves your YouTube content where you can schedule, hashtag and share to any social network. Follow these simple steps inside of Bundle Post to create your YouTube Channel feed:

YouTube RSS Feed1) Login to Bundle Post and click on “Feeds” from the navigation bar.

2) On the Feed Channels page, click the option for “Add Feed Channel”

3) Name the Feed Channel whatever you would like.

4) Add the following URL into a new Feed Channel that you’re creating inside of Bundle Post and replace “YourChannelName” with the name of your YouTube Channel.

Here’s our YouTube Channel Bundle Post Feed URL as an example:

5) If this is your YouTube Channel, a clients’ YouTube that you manage, click the “Check this box if this is your blog. We will not delete this content” check box so no matter how often you export and schedule content from this Feed Channel, the system will not remove the content from the Feed Channel.

6) Click the “Submit” button to save it.

Take YouTube Feed Channels to the Next Level with Bundle Post:

One of our Pro users, @missuslang decided to take Bundle Post Feed Channels to another level with content for a clients’ campaign. She created a YouTube video Feed Channel in Bundle Post that was made up of a search term in order to have the latest video content to curate for a clients’ social media management project. Here’s how you can do it too:

1) Copy this URL:<Content>&orderby=relevance

2) Replace the “<Content>” portion with your YouTube search term.

3) Add the URL into a new Bundle Post Feed Channel.


Once you have created your YouTube RSS Feed Channel in Bundle Post, the system will automatically check and ingest any new videos you upload four times per day. The video posts that are ingested into the Feed Channel can be edited, scheduled, hashtagged and exported from the system and posted to any social network you’d like in just seconds.

For tips on creating Pinterest Feed Channels in Bundle Post, Click Here.

For Hashtag tips, Click Here.

How are you using evergreen and YouTube video content Feed Channels in Bundle Post?


5 thoughts on “Managing YouTube Video Content For Social Media Marketing

  1. hi @fundalo, i just signed up for a free trial version of bundlepost. Using bundlepost, Can I post contet on facebook as well ? I don’t see any facebook account information tab in the settings.

    1. Yes of course. Bundle Post supports all social networks available through Hootsuite. Your free trial includes setup and training. Just click support at the bottom of every page and we will schedule a time to walk you through getting rolling. Of course every section of the system also has help files and videos.

      Specifically, you designate your schedules Facebook by name (example Fondalo Facebook) then when you do an export with that schedule and bring it into Hootsuite, you select that social network you have already connected to Hootsuite on upload. :-)

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