How To Use Your Legacy Social Media Content To Get Results

Assuming that you have a content strategy that delivers a consistent stream of relevant, valuable and interesting content to your target audience that is NOT about you or what you do through curation, you may need to take a closer look at YOUR content. Your legacy social content is an important additional component to your content posting mix. I find that marketers failing to effectively use their own content is one of the biggest overlooked opportunities within social media marketing. You need to know what you have available and mix it into your streams along with your other content, past as well as new.

Simply defined, “Your Social Content” is anything found on the web about your company that you can link to and/or share in the social graph.

A Few Examples Of Your Social Content Include:

1) Your website home page.

2) All of your other pages on your website.

3) Your Facebook page.

4) Each of the specific photo’s on your Facebook fanpage.

5) Your YouTube channel.

6) Specific videos on your YouTube channel.

7) Past articles you or your brand were mentioned in.

8) Your past blog posts that are timeless and still relevant to your audience.

The Role Of “Your Social Content”:

Your community is constantly growing, with new followers and likes happening all the time. Many long-time connections may have never even seen the original content when it was new or are not aware of what you do to begin with. Therefore, making use of past, timeless content in your streams is extremely important for your overall social selling effectiveness.

Utilizing enough of your social content will help with branding, click-throughs, and more. Be careful not to over do it though. Somewhere around 20-30% should be the maximum percentage of your content in your streams. That should be made up of new and archived content about you.

Know What You Have Available To Use:

Tracking the social content you have available to you to share about your brand can be a huge challenge. We experienced this quite frequently when we were a social media agency. Couple that challenge with the time to ensure you are including it as well as simply remembering to do post legacy content and the challenge gets even bigger. Those recurring struggles are a few of the reasons that led to the development of our Bundle Post software.

A repository of your social content in a central location that can easily and quickly be inserted in with the rest of your content posts is highly important. Spreadsheets and Word documents are great, but very cumbersome to manage, especially with multiple team members as with agencies. Relying on memories to include content and tracking what you have available needs to be efficient and effective for best results.

Make content aggregation, as well as repository posting of your legacy social content a priority to see new gains in your social media marketing efforts.


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