Google Reader Shutting Down Leaving Huge Curation Gap For Marketers

Yesterday Google announced on the official Google Reader Blog that on July 1, 2013, they will retire Google Reader. Originally announced on the official Google Blog that same day, the excuse given was that usage over the years had declined and that the company is focusing its efforts on other products. As I read and researched the effects that this decision by Google has on social media content curation, I was compelled to pull a late night and write a post about it, in place of my originally scheduled blog post.

What does this mean for social media marketers that rely on Google Reader and other readers for social media content aggregation,  discovery and sharing in the social graph? It may be more of an initial inconvenience for some, as there are many other RSS readers on the market. Many other readers do use Google Reader for their syncing though and that will cause even more wide spread RSS reader issues. This change is also signaling that for social content aggregation and curation, scrolling through readers, scheduling content one by one manually or with browser plugins like Hootlet and Bufferapp, is definitely going away and frankly it must.

Efficient, reliable and effective means of content discovery, scheduling and management has to be done differently if social media marketing time spent is going to be able to realize profitable returns. Done properly, social media agencies,  marketers and brands must have enough interesting, relevant content in their streams every day and they know that. Content is where everything starts. It’s what creates conversations, develops thought leadership and influence, all of which are required for real results.

With old school content discovery and management methods going the way of the dumb cell phone, one must consider where social media content management is going. Where it has to go and what that looks like. Let me show you…

Though we rarely write about our own technology, this market changing event by Google compels us to do so this week.

Originally as an agency, we had the same issues you do. Searching, finding, editing, scheduling, hashtagging and posting enough relevant, valuable content for our clients target audience across all of the social network accounts they had. And doing that 7 days a week. Efficient? Not so much. Consistent? Near impossible. Effective? Let’s not go there. Profitable? We all know the answer to that. We knew that if we did not spend the hours every day on content management, all other social media management functions, results and metrics would fail. Something had to be done differently…

Bundle Post InfographicBundle Post is the first Social Content Management system designed to solve the enormous time challenge of content management within social media. We designed it for us and had no intent on making a product. That changed quickly as the results increased on every client program, we saw huge efficiency gains and profitability climbed massively. We knew we were soon to become a social media software company.

So what is Bundle Post? The system efficiently handles 5 of the time-consuming back office functions related to social media content.

1) Aggregation and Curation – Attach Google Alert and RSS feeds where all content is ingested four times per day and saved as social media posts. You can view, edit and delete content you wish to use from every feed channel.

2) Legacy Content Management – My Social Content serves as repository folders of you and/or your clients legacy social content posts. Their website, videos, fanpage, interviews, photo’s etc. Legacy content can be merged with curated feed channel content and together be scheduled as individual posts for your newsfeeds.

3) Hashtags and Content Change – Hashtag folders for all campaigns can be created and house the keywords/phrases you want flagged for content changing in the text of all posts within Bundle Post. You designate the replacement hashtag or other text you want the system to replace. It automatically hashtags and/or changes the text of 100 social media posts in a single second.

4) Scheduling – Posting time schedules for all social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Groups, etc can be saved in Bundle Post and merged with content from 1 and 2 above. Easily scheduling 100 posts in less than 30 minutes.

5) Follow Friday Mentions – All Follow Friday posts can be managed in Bundle Post. Each post can be customized, twitter account names added or removed as you wish. With Bundle Post Follow Friday mentions on Twitter take 45 seconds on Thursday night instead of all morning on Friday.

What Bundle Post Isn’t? We are not a social media dashboard like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or the many others. We do not do anything current dashboards do and they can’t do what we do, due to our 19 claims in a Pending Patent filed over 24 months ago.

Bundle Post is a back-office social media content management system that currently integrates with Hootsuite. Your scheduled social media content comes out of Bundle Post and uploads directly into Hootsuite.

You use Bufferapp or Hootlet to schedule content? That’s great when you come across a single article you want to share and schedule. But why would you spend hours finding, scheduling, editing and hashtagging enough content everyday for all your social profiles?

In 30 minutes our users manage 5 days of currated content, your legacy blog posts and your own marketing content. Yes, that’s right, 30 minutes. Not auto-posted content. Content YOU select and control. Nothing leaves Bundle Post to your social media accounts without you allowing it to be sent. Now you have the time to build relationships, get ROI and even handle more clients, all more effectively with better net results.

One more thing… You can share Bundle Post export files with others in your brands community and they can upload them into their Hootsuite, making your scheduled content reach even bigger. Have we got you thinking yet?

Welcome to Bundle Post. Want a live demo? Hit the website and click to contact us or just message  us @BundlePost on Twitter and let’s change the effectiveness and efficiency of your social media marketing NOW!


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